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Aromatherapy: Using pure essential oils based on your specific needs, this heavenly massage helps de-stress the body and mind promotes relaxation as well as assist the body naturally release toxins.

The Traditional Swedish Massage: Combines essential oils with the nest natural ingredients to produce a luxurious blend that eases aches and muscle tension.

Head, Back & Feet Massage: designed to relieve tension and aches in the Head, Back, and Feet.

Soothing Hot Stone Massage: Heated stones are used in combination with specialized massage that helps release tension and improve blood circulation.

The De-stress Back Massage: Is a deep back, neck and shoulder massage designed to relieve stiff joint pains and muscle fatigue.

Deep Tissue Combination Massage: Using slow strokes and deep pressure, this therapeutic technique works on targeted areas to relieve pain and tension.

The Face Massage: is essential in keeping away stress lines and wrinkles. With smooth gliding motions, relaxation of muscles is guaranteed.

Children’s Massage: (babies – teens) With long, rhythmic and aid strokes this massage rolls from the head to the toes with soft and tender touches on the head, face shoulders, arms, chest, stomach and legs. Its nurturing, relaxing, soothing and instrumental in helping children prepare for slumber. Leg/Foot Massage:

Sheer Indulgence Massage: Your baby is here and you are in need of a little rejuvenation. This restorative massage helps your body realign as you adjust to being one person again. Sometimes new mothers need a little mothering too! And this is the perfect present for them!

Indian Head Massage:(Head,Shoulder and Neck): Therapeutic massage designed to relieve headaches,neck and shoulder pain as well as generalized tension giving a sense of general well being and peacefulness.

Leg/Foot Massage: Reduces aches and sluggish blood flow, easing tension as well as revitalizing this weight bearing part of the body. It also improves the appearance of thighs by smoothing them out and preventing cellulite.

Thai Massage: Using Yoga like positions and stretches,this type of massage increases relaxation,energy,flexibility and greater range of motion.

Sports Massage: Releases muscle tension, improves and stimulates blood circulation and lymph fluids. You don’t have be in the Olympics to benefit from this type of massage. Sports massage is also good for people with injuries, chronic pain or restricted range of motion. Our therapists generally concentrate on a specific problem area.

Jet Lag/Traveler’s Massage: Targets specific areas affected by sitting in one position for long periods of time i.e the neck, back, hips and legs. It relaxes tight muscles while soothing the body; stimulating blood circulation leaving you feeling revitalized.

Four Hands Massage: Two therapists work on one client with synchronized slow detailed moves of varying paces and pressure.

Candle Wax Massage: A soothing scented candle is melted into a soft, warm moisturizing massage oil; transmitting its calming and relaxing effect into your body as you are massaged.

Quickie: This 30 minute treatment is tailored to address specific areas that need attention. Our therapists focus on unwinding that area of your choice.

Detox massage: This dynamic therapeutic massage increases circulation, expels toxins, restores balance and reduces muscle pain and aches hence re-hydrating the body and ridding it of toxins and extreme fatigue.

Hot and Cold Stone massage: A special massage where the therapist uses smooth hot and cold stones, either as an extension of their own hands, and/or placing them on the body directly relaxing the muscles.

Four Hands Hot Stone massage: using warm stones, two therapists work simultaneously by placing the stones on the body while they massage other body parts to refresh and relax tight muscles and aching bodies.

Scrubassage: combined full body scrub and massage.

Facials: clean, exfoliate and nourish the skin, promoting a clear well-hydrated complexion;keeping the skin looking younger.

Back Facial/Bacial: Formulated specifically for the back. It involves deep pore cleansing and softening of the skin of the back while providing a moisturizing treatment leaving you with a healthy and glowing back.

Body Scrubs: are a great way to keep your skin healthy and beautiful through exfoliation Our rich, creamy body scrubs of various fragrances provide exfoliation with newly ground deep sea salt to rejuvenate skin cell growth and restore moisture to the skin leaving it feeling velvety.


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