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Q: Is Massage generally safe during pregnancy?
A: Yes, as long as the masseuse doing it is certified and trained in prenatal massage and she knows exactly what to do. Pregnancy massages are generally gentle and safe.

Q: Is prenatal massage beneficial for the baby?
A: Yes it is! Studies show that when you receive a relaxing prenatal massage, the body naturally secretes endorphins, these “feel good” hormones traverse the placenta and ultimately soothe and relax your baby.

Q: What are the benefits of massage for expectant women?
A: Massage therapy reduces anxiety, decreases symptoms of depression, improves lymphatic and blood circulation,relieves muscle tension, aches and joint pain. Massage also promotes better sleep and improves labour outcome and newborn health.

Q: How often should I receive massage when I am pregnant?
A: Every pregnancy is different, so there’s no standard answer to this question. If you are going to use massage therapy as an integral part of your prenatal care, we suggest twice a month in the second and third trimester. If you are having back pain, sharp leg and hip pain or sleeplessness, we recommend increasing your sessions to once a week in the third trimester.

Q: I have heard one shouldn’t have a massage in the first trimester, why is this?
A: It is generally recommended that you avoid massage in the first trimester due to there being a high risk time for miscarriage.

Q: What are the benefits of massage for children?
A: Massage is a wonderful stress buster for children and is beneficial at any age. Premature babies often struggle with weight gain and touch through gentle massage releases a growth hormone in babies that helps with weight gain and development of vital organs and the brain. Due to its relaxing effect, massage has been found to reduce asthma symptoms in children. In Autism, massage increases the ability to relate and reduces disruptive behaviour. For teens struggling with adolescence, massage reduces anxiety, promotes self acceptance and confidence. Generally speaking, massage also promotes better sleep for children of all ages.

Q: What are the benefits of exercising during pregnancy?
A: The benefits of exercise during pregnancy are quite many, some of which include reduced fluid retention, improved blood circulation, improved body posture,stretching also relieves aches . Exercise prepares the body for the child birth, as well as strengthens pelvic and abdominal muscles and you generally appear healthier both in mind and body.

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